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CCC-Supervisor, MC. Psychology


"From Therapy to Coaching" 

About my work/passion

Counsellor, Coach, Supervisor, Facilitator
Psychosomatic & Expressive Arts therapist
Yoga teacher

I welcome all of you who are ready to make deep and lasting changes in your life to find new relationships, skills, meaning and fulfillment. I work with a wide spectrum of issues from healing to striving, from therapy to coaching. I see people's potential and assist them in deepening and expressing their truth.

I believe that each one of us is on a journey of recovery, healing, repairing, growing and learning how to manifest authentically and creatively. I also believe that the individual personal work we do directly impacts those around us and our society at large. In order to find health, we have to connect with our families, neighbours and communities and to start deeply honouring our land, resources and all sentient beings.

My work values all dimensions of you: Cognitive, Emotional, Somatic, Interpersonal, Moral and Spiritual and I deeply rejoice in the presence of socio-cultural and ethnic differences. I see humans for who they are,

we all have shadows and blindspots, animal instincts and drives, attachment to our sense of self (ego) and to our personal expectations and we are also made up of amazing divine gifts and wonderful loving capacities.

As a psychosomatic therapist, my commitment is to hold space with an open-mind and attuned heart so that you can feel safe as you stand in your truth. Collaboratively, we will create a space that nurtures an interpersonal connection where the ability to be authentic, is met with integrity, compassion, and the enthusiasm to move towards your full potential.

I believe that self-actualization relies on your attunement to your higher self (soul). I believe in assisting you integrate spirituality in your daily life by inviting you to step outside of your comfortable "storyline" to become better acquainted with the force that creates and manifests through you, in other words: creator and creation, divine energy, higher consciousness or god. 


If this sounds like a good fit for you and you feel called please reach out wherever you are and whatever state you find yourself in.

I will meet you there.


What people say

"I went to Juliette not knowing exactly what I needed but knowing that I needed some help. From the moment I stepped into her office I felt I had entered a safe space. Juliette's keen insights helped us to get to work immediately. She has a variety of modalities at her fingertips and worked with me to determine the best option. After one session I already felt more grounded; it was like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Juliette has helped me break down barriers I didn't even know existed. Her empathy, compassion and intuition have guided me down a path of self-healing and transformation. I feel energized and optimistic when I think about what else she can help me achieve".





“I have been a client of Juliette’s over the past 5 years for somatic therapy and she is amazing!  Juliette is very knowledgeable, skilled, and gifted. She has great interpersonal skills and establishes a strong and trusting rapport with her clients. She is extremely empathetic and patient-focused.  She customizes her therapy to focus on specific areas of stress and need, or all around somatic therapy treatment.  I always leave feeling well relaxed and looking forward to my next visit.”    


"I came to Juliette. I was broken.

My career and life were soaring but I wasn’t happy. I carry intergenerational and compounded traumas and grief.  I’m a work in progress, those issues don’t like being dumped. They return again and again, but with good coaching and self recognition I can stop the effects before it becomes debilitating. Juliette coaches me as I work to overcome those words. She is effective and compassionate.I send my loved ones to her when they are brave enough to move past the past". 


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We can work together in person or at a distance.

I also travel to communities. Grace Space is located in Horwood Mall above Baked Café. 

200-100 Main Street

Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Y1A 2A8


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